Founded in 2012 in the Bordeaux region, the company Ma Table Relevable was born from the imagination of two engineering brothers, one in the building, the other in the wood. The adventure My Table Relevable begins when they decide to optimize the surface of their respective apartments by manufacturing their own table. The idea of ​​a coffee table turning into a dining table becomes obvious!
Afterwards they began to conquer the furniture market and develop their own brand in 2013, "My Table Relevable", they become the first European specialists in the lift table!
Since then, they have scrutinized market developments, tested table mechanisms, and refocused their activities on the essentials: 5 models, all very different from each other and each responding to a specific project.
A word from the president  : "What is exciting is the diversity of projects and people who contact us. We work with all types of profiles, both with the small craftsman and the international furniture industry, through the student or the mother who wants to optimize its seating area. They are happy to find us because - and we must say - we are still the only ones in Europe to offer these mechanisms and this quality.
We know that our Ma Table Liftable hinges are the most durable in the lift table market, the quality is carefully selected and are already approved by thousands of DIYers and manufacturers around the world.
Currently, we are working on a project Made in France with a new production in the Aquitaine region to develop new lifting systems.