M09 "THE GREAT" Lift up coffee table mechanism


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Build your own lift up coffee table with hinged tray.

This model M09, also called "The Great" offers the biggest vertical and horizontal moves, ideal for "low" coffee tables. The "big brother" of the M04.

Enjoy a TV dinner or work on your PC directly from the couch and optimize your lounge area. 
And for that, no need to be a great handyman. 
"With the right tools, we do a good job."

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Data sheet

FunctionConvert coffee table into dinning table
Raise up320 mm
Move forward420 mm
General usesCoffee table, dining table, desk table, etc.
Weight2.4 kg
Compositionshot rolled steel
Surface TreatmentElectrophoresis
Load capacity80 kg

More info

Choose from our 4 models the one that will fit the best in your projet. 

==> Theirs differences? The vertical raise, the horizontal raise, the load capacity, the size or the weight of the mechanism...

These hinges are the most durable of the lift-up table mechanism market and approved by thousands of handymen all around the world.

How to proceed?

Just choose the mechanism that fits to your project and add one or two stabilizing bars to maximise the comfort.

About delivery ?

Shipping within 24H after the payment order (payment receipt), then it takes only few days to deliver depending on the transporter you choose.

And after?

Share your project if you want to as many of our skillful buyers by sending us some pictures of your lift up table and give a new source of inspiration to our project ideas.